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Swiss Straumann Implants

We are an authorized branch of the Swiss Institut Straumann AG, the world leader in dental implantology and periodontal tissue regeneration.

More than just Swiss precision. Better quality of life.

Straumann is a leading manufacturer of implants that has been trusted all over the world for over 60 years, remaining faithful to its value. We are convinced that only a few companies have so much to offer, therefore Straumann implants will be a great choice for the health of your mouth.

We can offer our patients highest-quality implants starting from 3,000 PLN. We invite you for implantological consultations.
Our products do their  work and their functioning is supported by scientific research.
Few systems available on the market are scientifically researched. The Straumann® Implant System has been one of the best documented for over 35 years of extensive scientific research, clinical experience and, as a result, over 700 scientific publications.

Over 14 million implants all over the world.
Thanks to Swiss precision and clinical excellence, the Straumann® implants system has gained worldwide trust. Doctors from more than 70 countries have introduced more than 14 million Straumann implants. That’s why no matter where you lead your life, the staff and knowledge of Straumann implants is around you.

Long-term commitment for dentists and patients
You can fully trust the durability of Straumann products. We give a lifetime guarantee for implants if it is necessary to replace them as well as a wide guarantee for prosthetic elements. In addition, we provide the availability of all necessary parts and components to repair or rebuild implants placed years ago regardless of changes in models, shapes and technology of current products. The warranty only applies to original Straumann products. Detailed warranty conditions are available in the offices offering Straumann implants or at the exclusive Straumann implant distributor in Poland.

Over 35 years of clinical experience and over 700 scientific publications

• Over 14 million implants all over the world
• Precision and quality “Made in Switzerland”
• A trusted brand in over 70 countries
• SLActive® – our unique surface for better predictability and shorter treatment time
• Roxolid® – our unique material for less invasive treatment options
• Lifetime guarantee for Straumann implants

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