Stomatologia dziecieca obok tekstu po otwarciu 2

Stomatologia dziecieca obok tekstu po otwarciu 1

Pediatric dentistry

In Estetic-Dent office we pay particular attention to the youngest patients. According to the saying “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree” we do our best to educate how important oral health and everyday hygiene are.

The child’s first appointment should be planned at the age of 2-3 when he or she still does not feel any pain. It will allow a young patient to get used to a dentist office and to a doctor who will take care of his or her teeth.

Remember that caring for milk teeth has an influence on permanent teeth condition.

In our surgery we offer all kinds of preventive dental care as well as conservative treatment (sealing) of milk and permanent teeth:

  • preventive treatment – fluoridation which means covering tooth’s surface with a protective varnish and fissure sealing of newly grown permanent teeth
  • milk and permanent teeth treatment – tooth colored fillings, high quality anesthesia and gels to minimize pain during treatments
  • removing milk teeth when they are replaced with the permanent ones
  • orthodontic consultations in cooperation with an orthodontic office in Cracow

Welcome all children and parents to a dental office called Estetic Dent in Wieliczka.