Price list

Consultation with a specialistfrom 50 pln
RVG digital point photo20 pln
Digital panoramic photo60 pln
Painless computer anesthesia Sleeper ONEGRATIS
Composite filling with nanoceramic materialfrom 160 pln
Milk tooth fillingfrom 100 pln
Anatomical tooth restoration in a cofferdamfrom 350 pln
Reconstruction on glass fiberfrom 350 pln
Primary root canal treatment under microscope (incisors, canines/premolars/molars)500/650/900 pln
Root canal retreatment under microscope (incisors, canines/premolars/molars)600/800/1000 pln
Removal of dental stick, broken toolfrom 250 pln
MTA application (perforation, tooth tip closure)250 pln

The price of root canal treatment includes:

Cofferdam, computer anesthesia, digital X-ray, digital canal length measurement, machine development of root canals with NiTi tools, disinfection of root canals, canal filling with thermoplastic gutta-percha, glass ionomer filling between visits.

Removal of dental deposits (scaling, polishing, fluoridation)from 120 pln
Hygienisation (scaling, sandblasting, fluoridation)from 160 pln
Tooth removalfrom 150 pln
Surgical tooth removalfrom 250 pln
Porcelain crown on metalfrom 800 pln
Aesthetic full-ceramic crown / Zirconfrom 1500 pln
Onlay / Inlay compositefrom 650 pln
Premium implants (Straumann)3000 pln
Optimum Implants (Osstem)2700 pln
Prosthetic reconstruction on an implant with a connectorfrom 2500 pln
Sinus lift (bony tissue regeneration) via closed techniquefrom 1000 pln
Open sinus lift (bony tissue regeneration) procedure3000 pln
Bone regeneration in the area of an implantfrom 1000 pln
Orthodontic consultationfrom 100 pln
Fixed orthodontic appliancefrom 1700