Anna Maciejowska

She is a graduate of the Medical Study at the Faculty of Dental Hygiene, which she graduated with honors. She gained internship under the supervision of many specialists in Cracow. She is an experienced dental hygienist who performs prophylactic and hygienic treatments: scaling, sandblasting, root planing, sealing, varnishing, and hygiene instructions. She gradually expands her knowledge on numerous specialist courses and reading medical press.

Under her supervision, several generations of interns from the Faculty of Dental Hygiene at the Cracow College have already taken the first steps in the profession of a hygienist.

She is passionate about her work, always conscientious and thorough, and at the same nice and cordial for every patient.

Privately, she is a married woman and a mother of two wonderful daughters. She likes traveling and getting to know new places and countries, their history, culture and people. She often devotes her time to restoring “second life” to old furniture. She loves historical novels, biographies, detective stories and fashion programs.