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Root canal treatment

Endodontics (root canal treatment) deals with the treatment of dental pulp diseases and complications associated with them. Endodontic treatment involves removal of the infected pulp, mechanical and chemical development of canals and filling the root canal tightly with dental material.

At EsteticDent, we use modern methods of root canal treatment with the help of devices which are very useful both in diagnostics (digital X-ray) and the treatment itself

• endometer – precisely showing the tip of the tooth
• endodontic micromotor with NiTi instruments – for the preparation of root canal system and removal of infected tissues
• BeeFill – a system of filling the root canals with liquid gutta-percha
• Alltion dental microscope which guarantees high precision of treatment thanks to enlarging the treatment field

Below there is a list of endodontic treatments that a patient is offered in our office:
• primary root canal treatment
• root canal retreatment (reendo)
• broken instrument removal
• root perforation repair
• removing crown-root inserts
• unclogging obliterated canals
All endodontic treatments are carried out under local anesthetic using Sleeper One – a computer system for anesthesia.

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