Teeth before and after tooth whitening treatment.


Dental prophylaxis plays an important role in the prevention of tooth decay as well as gum and periodontal diseases. Bacterial plaque, which is formed on the surface of the teeth after each meal, should be systematically removed by daily home hygiene treatments. If the bacterial plaque stays longer, it mineralizes and transforms into tartar, which is responsible for the development of periodontitis and, consequently, can lead to tooth loss.

Regular preventive dental visits every 6 months allow you to keep your own healthy teeth and, at the same time, a beautiful smile until your old age.

Preventive treatments at the dentist’s can include tartar removal (scaling) using an ultrasonic scaler and sandblasting, which involves removing discolorations from coffee, tea and tobacco. Treatments are especially recommended for people with a tendency to excessive tartar formation, gum problems, before surgery and during orthodontic treatment.

Scaling is done using an ultrasound device that does not damage the enamel and it involves the removal of tartar from all tooth surfaces including the subgingival tartar. Each tartar removal procedure is finished by polishing all cleaned surfaces, which prevents plaque build-up again.

Sandblasting is a procedure which removes dental plaque and discolorations on the crowns of teeth, resulting from coffee, tea, red wine, and smoking. That can be done with the use of sandblasters which spray high-pressurized mixture of water and air with sodium bicarbonate in a narrow stream. Sandblasting is often a complement to scaling, because it thoroughly cleans interdental spaces.

The treatments are performed by a dentist or a professionally trained hygienist.

The treatment is supplemented with a detailed hygienic instruction and recommendation of professional mouthwashes and toothpastes.

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