Mini implants

IMTEC mini implants are screws made from biocompatible titanium alloys with extremely small diameters which were developed over 20 years ago in the United States. Mini implants are recommended to stabilize complete dentures, especially in the mandible. In many cases, the use of traditional implants is not possible due to general and local factors. People without teeth find it difficult to use dental prostheses every day. Most of them suffer from serious discomfort due to the use of too loose or badly fitting dentures. Many people also withdraw from social life in order to avoid the need for wearing a denture. What’s more, relatives of people having dentures often complain about their unpleasant breath caused by food leftovers which are found under the prosthesis and which undergo the process of decomposition. The use of MDI implants is an effective solution to these social and practical problems.

A feature that distinguishes mini-implants from typical dental implants is the fact that they are so narrow that they are generally inserted directly through the gum tissue into the bones. Therefore, in most cases, mini-implants allow to eliminate the need for surgical cutting and “opening” the gum tissue, what usually takes place when it comes to standard implants. In addition, putting on MDI mini dental implants requires a single procedure characterized by minimal invasiveness. Thanks to their self-tapping properties, they start to function immediately after insertion. Because of this, it is often possible to complete the whole procedure during a single visit at the dental office.